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Site Map

Or, Where the bloody hell is that page?

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It has been suggested to me that a site map would be helpful, so here it is...
Basically I'll list what you'll find on each page you get to from the links on the left... including what links there are on those pages that take you to yet more pages....


This is an introduction page with a bit of a blurb, Welcome etc etc. Its a nothing page really but every site has to have a start point and home is where you start and where you end up coming back to....Bit like life really....                                                                                                                top of page

It's all about me...

Well as the title suggests... There are three parts.

bulletA bit about my interests on the first page with pictures and with links to:
bulletWhat I do for a living currently, and a glimpse into the life of a RAN (Remote area Nurse) With a further link to why I left ASRHS (Alice Springs Remote Health Service)
bulletBiographical information.
bulletThe many faces of Nick
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Pazzo Palazzo

Main page has a picture of the house's mosaic sign out front... You'll find a history of when how and why I bought such a big house. I dont own it any more, having sold it in January 2005 but it was a big part of my life for Three and a half years...There is a blurb about upstairs, downstairs, what I've been up to, and what I plan to do. There are links to:

bulletPazzo Palazzo exposed....shenanigans and mayhem and lotsa fun...
bulletRenovation so far in pictures...befores and afters  and there's still more to go...
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The Love shack (or La Casa De Amore)

Why would I want to buy the house over the back fence? It was the lure of having the space to build a big shed to house all the tools required to renovate, and to create  furniture from recycled timber (but that's on another page). There's loads of pictures of what it was like when I bought it and the big jobs such as fencing and building the shed which also doubles as an undercover area for those barbeque nights in the tropics when the rain just wont give up. The interior shots are before and afters  and it has been much transformed since I bought the place in mid 2003. Anyway this is where I live these days so come in and have a look around .....

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Where am I ?                                               

I wake up sometimes and ask myself this question. My main income is derived from working in isolated areas of Australia as a RAN (Remote Area Nurse) doing relief locum work. This page has contact details (So Mum knows how and where to get me...) a map of where on the continent I am and usually some pictures of the local environs.                                                                                                    top of page


There's some good links to various sites, friends, star trek, humour, jobs and more...
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This page has links to many pages that contain mostly pictures of scenic places I have visited in Australia, either camping, working or as in the case of "Kimberley Kapers" really exploring (Kimberley Kapers is a big story on a month long trip taken in 2000). Visit places like Boggy Hole, The Bungle Bungles, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and more...


Nuff said?                                                                                                            top of page

How to pack an esky

Ever gone to the esky and pulled out a cool beer that should have been REALLY COLD. Packing an esky is a science and requires careful thought and a rudimentary knowledge of the laws of physics. Ev tells me he will compose a special feature on "Taking your esky off road, thus avoiding unfortunate accidents"     
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Milly the Camp Dog

Milly is as much a part of my life as anything else. This is her page and she talks about her life and shows off her puppy pictures...


Two picture filled pages of recycled timber furniture I have made (and an activity I really enjoy).
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