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Hmmm.... I've got wide ranging interests from motorcycling to photography and playing with gadgets (digital camera, scanner, web cam, etc) Technology amazes me and I love to tinker. Since spending more time in Cairns I've expanded the technology thing to include setting up a home computer network in the large house I used to own there (10 bedrooms). I had Broadband installed and set up a large music (MP3) database with over 5000 tracks and counting. Another of my big passions is making furniture out of recycled timber and working with timber in general. The furniture thing is sort of on the back burner while there is so much renovating going on but as my friends tell me I should make more time to indulge my creative urges instead of repairs and maintenance all the time. (Check out the furniture I've made by clicking of the "my furniture" link on the left). 

Camping is also a pastime I love and there is some spectacular scenery to be seen around Central Australia, (where I have spent most of the last 6 years or so working) and elsewhere, a lot of it inaccessible to normal cars. It's great to have all this amazing stuff right on your doorstep and I think I'm very lucky to be able to chuck a few things (and the dog) into the car and sleep out under a sky with a zillion stars. Glen Helen Gorge would have to be one of my favourites. Sheer cliffs and amazing rock formations and a permanent waterhole. (check out some of the camping and scenery shots here

Much of the last few years has been spent renovating the 2 houses I had in Cairns. In January 05 I sold the big house "Pazzo Palazzo" and now only have a small queenslander cottage, "The Love Shack". To see some pictures of  how Pazzo Palazzo was and what its like now after a couple of years click here.

I love to travel and meet new peoples and see different cultures so I set out for Asia and have now spent about 6 months living in Thailand as I write this on New Years eve 2005. See "where am I" to view my location. I have completed a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course and have started my career working for a Language school in Lampang in the North of Thailand. This has been a challenge to say the least... In April 2005 I met a lovely woman from Laos on Koh Tao in the gulf of Thailand and we are both living here in Lampang and thinking of returning to Australia sometime in the next 6 months or so (when we can satisfy the hurdles that immigration set in our way).

This page last updated on: 15/10/2006

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