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Renovators Delight?

Back Up

Here's some pics of the process so far... before and after pics.. 
(Click to see a bigger image)

            Before                                                         After

            spencehouse.JPG (55230 bytes)                                           frontacrossroadsep02.JPG (122906 bytes)
            front.jpg (158996 bytes)                                           frontmay04 (1) copy.jpg (53132 bytes)

Outside front views.... Have done a bit of cleaning up but the paint job when it happens should look fantastic....

Foxtails going well

                driveway-sep02.JPG (139626 bytes)                                                   drivewaysep03.jpg (144718 bytes)

            Driveway 1 year on...                                2 years on..
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                                                Dining lounge area upstairs

                USDININGJUNE01.jpg (273252 bytes)                            usdininglounge2jan03.JPG (103615 bytes)  uslounge4jan03.JPG (107347 bytes)

                usloungejune01.jpg (237474 bytes)                                      uslounge1jan03.JPG (103853 bytes) 

               June 2001                                Dec 2002

                   Still needs painting but you get the idea...

                        Guest room upstairs                      AFTER
                   spare bedroom.jpg (97392 bytes)                          usguestroomfinished.jpg (103483 bytes)    usguestroomfinished2.jpg (106082 bytes)

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                            Upstairs hallway
                    ushallwayapril01.jpg (104938 bytes)                                    ushallwaydec02.JPG (108491 bytes)
                                                  Its a bit brighter now...

                            Upstairs front bedrooms
                    usverandahroomnov01.jpg (122901 bytes)                        usverandahroom2.jpg (133922 bytes)    usverandahroomaug02.jpg (121807 bytes)
                                                                  mybedroom2.JPG (123827 bytes)    nicksroom.JPG (115126 bytes)
                                                                    Nicks room at bottom...
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                Downstairs Kitchen and dining areas
                    ds kitchenjune01.jpg (109870 bytes)                                    dskitch2aug02.jpg (125017 bytes)    dskitchaug02.jpg (125772 bytes)

                    dininglounge.jpg (110705 bytes)              dsloungeaug02.jpg (129414 bytes)               DS-kitchenanddining.jpg (132050 bytes)      
                           YUK...                   Better but crowded....    Now...                           

Thats pretty much it for Pazzo Palazzo renovation pics at this point in time, of course its an ongoing process.

Palazzo exposed Renovation Pics
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