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Mixed pics

Views of Numbulwar Boggy Bloody Hole. mixed shots Raining on the rock Hermannsburg Kimberley Kapers Bungle Bungles

(clik on pics you want to see)

eastern_sunset_sky.jpg (25392 bytes)   Boggy Hole at sunset

cathy_getting_frisky_with_milly.jpg (48267 bytes)  That milly'll sleep with anyone...

thecrew_topofnads.jpg (36134 bytes) Everyone wants to sleep with Nadine...

thetrack_intoboggy.jpg (49901 bytes)  The track's a bit boggy too...

thegap.jpg (77965 bytes) Awe Inspiring Ruby Gap.

rubycampsite.jpg (60071 bytes) My "Go anywhere" vehicle at Ruby..

nick_barbyruby.jpg (49418 bytes) Anyone for a snag?

nickinjail.jpg (37659 bytes) A Lot of people say I should be here

rocks_glenhelen.jpg (44503 bytes) Rock effects at Glen Helen

sugar_camel.jpg (33545 bytes) Sugar The Camel saying hello

sugarfeeding.jpg (28951 bytes) Sugar getting a treat from Sonia

sugarclose.jpg (24006 bytes) Sugar wants this camera!

orgpipes2.jpg (29195 bytes) "organ pipes" at Glen Helen

orgpipes4.jpg (47367 bytes) Wall like rock strata at Glen Helen


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