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Pazzo Palazzo at Play....

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We had a lot of fun at Pazzo Palazzo.... The name came about as we were trying to think of a name that summed the place up in a couple of words and Pazzo Palazzo was suggested by Megan Glamuzina and Pete Scabisi, having thought it up as they were on a road trip to Brisbane. They were so excited they sent a text straight away and the name has stuck. 
I go away a lot and I used to miss the place terribly when I went as it was usually a happy and social place. Similar sentiments have been expressed by more than a couple of ex housemates along the lines of "It was a nice place to come home to".
There's often an impromptu gathering out the back or on the front verandah upstairs, heres a few photo's of the sillier times.... (I had to censor these to save embarrassments to certain people...yes, you know who you are....)
We had a seventies party last June (2003) and I went mad taking nearly 100 pictures but here are just a few. (As usual click to see the big picture)

housefaces(18).jpg (66307 bytes) Paul got the horses doovers together...

housefaces(19).jpg (60277 bytes) The housemates of the time...

housefaces(20).jpg (39701 bytes) Of course no 70's party is complete without a pimp

housefaces(27).jpg (58185 bytes) Ev and Yol 

housefaces(26).jpg (39369 bytes) 'Retta Paul and Yol

housefaces(23).jpg (51040 bytes) Nick and Chris

housefaces(25).jpg (37839 bytes) Stella and Megan

housefaces(29).jpg (40174 bytes) Nick and Stella

Of course its not all fun as Evan will agree when  had to put him on an IV to rehydrate him after a particularly heavy night....
evsick2.jpg (31548 bytes) (note the bucket strategically placed)

Then there was the night we had a competition to see who could pull the silliest face....

housefaces(9).jpg (45253 bytes) I keep telling Yol about those nostril hairs...

housefaces(5).jpg (42529 bytes) Loretta and Megan are up there in the silly stakes

housefaces(8).jpg (44753 bytes) Ev's just getting warmed up with this one

housefaces(12).jpg (18458 bytes) and this one

housefacescopy.jpg (46339 bytes) Megs doing OK here...

housefaces(10)copy.jpg (45499 bytes) This was Megan another night but deserves a place here

housefaces(16).jpg (40492 bytes) this was the best I could manage

housefaces(1)copy.jpg (48476 bytes) Ev definitely wins with this one...Looks a bit like Homer Simpson doesn't he?

Sometimes things just happen and this little gathering on the front verandah is reasonably typical...

housefaces(11).jpg (37723 bytes) The right ratio of beer, Tim Tams and other food (50/50)

housefaces(32).jpg (42962 bytes) The right crowd

housefaces(33).jpg (49731 bytes) and lots of laughs

The house has a nice feel and it blossoms with a happy crowd....And in the cricket season.... 

ushallwaydec02copy.jpg (56463 bytes) This has been dubbed the cricket pitch. We have a beer carton with stumps on it, bat and balls. What more do you need?

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