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More silky oak... This was commissioned to be a place to put the phone and keep the phone books.


This is a wine rack featuring normal corrugated iron for the bottles to sit on. 
Unfinished here, it now looks superb with a polyurethane gloss which gives it a 
honey coloured hue...


Sturdy silky oak side table.


Some friends commissioned this to put their telly and video on with the lower two 
shelves the exact height to house their video collection...


This design has been popular. It holds nearly 200 CD's, Silky Oak of course...


I made this outdoor table using solid but badly weathered hardwood doused liberally with Linseed and deck oil.


Some friends commissioned this island bench using timbers from a demolished wall in their house. It is an unusual shape and asymmetrical to its environment. Shown here prior to installation of the silky oak top...

The finished product:


All these pieces were made over a 2 year period. Mainly with me working from underneath a Queenslander house in Cairns Queensland. I've had to sublimate my creative urges in this area since renovating has been taking up so much of my time but now I have a shed and a decent workspace it wont be too long before I get back into it especially as the houses reach a stage where they just need maintenance instead of complete restoration. [renovation pics]
Thanks for looking...

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