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It was in 1996 that I first got interested in making furniture, mainly through necessity... 
As I needed things I made them instead of paying for soulless stuff from the shops 
(for the money I could afford to spend).Gradually people asked me to make things 
for them too and I willingly obliged as it's something I really enjoy.
I've certainly embraced the rustic style and attempt to create things to be 
functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This is an early piece created from some crating which once housed a 
massive new air conditioning unit for Cairns base hospital. The miniorb 
(small size corrugated iron) was from a demolished bathroom.


Same materials used in this matching pantry cupboard.

Coffee table using old pine.


Paul and Stella commisioned this King Size bed
(they love their Miniorb!)


The timber I really love using is Silky Oak which has an appealing grain. 
This is one of 2 bedside tables which I couldn't bear to part with...


Wherever practical I have tried to use more traditional means of joinery 
such as the dovetails shown on this drawer...For most of the cupboards 
I have used mortise and tenon joints...


Silky oak Tallboy


I used to have a stall at the local markets and made a few mobiles such as this one...

[more furniture]


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