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Boggy Bloody Hole.

Views of Numbulwar Boggy Bloody Hole. mixed shots Raining on the rock Hermannsburg Kimberley Kapers Bungle Bungles


Ya know, its a busy bloody web site this, but the pressures been applied to get this page up and full of pics of a visit to Boggy hole in  August 2000. (Yes Kath I hope you're happy now and can get off my case)....I'm just gonna plonk em in here and give a short caption to em.

Give this page a few minutes to download fully

Camp site at Boggy Hole (nearly...)

camp site at the same place.

Chewing the fat at night over a few beers...

crossing a river...even the pajero made this one!

Nice little waterhole...

Relaxing by the billabong....

bit hot in sun after all that beer last night..

Kath gettin ready to blow bubbles

Kath blowin bubbles....

Hard to imagine flooding here not that long ago

Gregs car ploughing in, I know why they call it boggy

Pajero getting its tyres wet


Rock formations

Art shot?

All the 4B4's lined up.

Obviously there must be more to the story than this but the tale of what exactly went on in that remote gorge will never truly be known......

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