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Born on the 23rd of October 1959 (which sort of makes me a Libran/scorpion cusper) to a long suffering woman who had endured 4 previous labours I came into this world kicking and screaming. Now, some forty years (or so) on I have matured somewhat and realize that kicking and screaming is not the way to getting ahead. Mum says I was, "a good kid", but you know mum's will say anything... I was raised a Catholic and dutifully turned up for the fire and brimstone lectures every Sunday. I even had a whirl at being an altar boy, boy, did I like ringin those bells! Now I'm what is popularly termed a lapsed catholic and I must say I feel less guilty about my human frailties these days.....

I started Nursing at the tender age of 17 and even though I've always grumbled that "I gotta get another job", I've stuck with it and to be honest Nursing has been good to me. It's enabled me to travel all over this country and overseas. 

A relaxed person (usually...), I enjoy meeting people and socialising. I'm from a city called Adelaide originally and though it's where I grew up and I always enjoy my returns, I have really fallen for the tropics of North Queensland where all year round you can wear shorts (upper body clothing and footwear optional...) Cairns is now my home base and from here I travel to all sorts of places to do relief nursing work, usually the more remote sort of spots. From islands in the Torres Strait group of Islands (sort of half way between the northern most tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea) to the deserts of Central Australia. Currently I am working as an English Teacher in Lampang in the North of Thailand. How long I will be here is anyones guess. Where am I right now? View a map and some images of where I am at present

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