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Hello and welcome to my Humble web site
As you may have guessed my name is Nick and this site is purely some self indulgence on my part..... You are probably only here because I suggested you visit or coerced you in some way ha ha ha..

I started building a web site basically because I was looking for something to do during the quiet times when I am out in remote places working.  Please check the link "Its all about me" on the left to find out what I do and more.... There is more than a few years of effort here as my first efforts went online in 1999. Overtime I have added and changed and  in  December 2003 I put it into a new format and neatened the whole thing up....

Please feel free to explore all the buttons on the left...they wont bite....or if it all seems too much,  check the "SITE MAP AND SEARCH" button for an explanation of what will be found behind each button.
This is an image rich site and while I have downsized a lot of the pictures to make them open quicker without sacrificing too much quality, some people with slower internet connections may find themselves drumming their fingers waiting for pages and pics to open. 

So have a look around  and please sign the guest book when you're done (feel free to either praise or tell me its a load of self indulgent rubbish...)

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